The Functional Proteomics Laboratory at IMCB is a high profile group with a unique portfolio. It gathers broad expertise from diverse fields including biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and mass spectrometry. Our lab’s long-term research interests are focused on the integration of cell biology and immunology with quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Our expertise includes multi-omic approaches in precision medicine for personalised therapies, antigen identification pipelines development, body fluid biomarker discovery, clinical proteomics and drug target deconvolution.


The Functional Proteomics Laboratory team has unique expertise in drug discovery target deconvolution, protein/tissue/fluid biomarker identifications and cell biology bioID. The lab’s advanced mass spectrometry services include antigen identification, antibody specificity and characterization, and targeted proteomics validation (MRM, PRM).

Core Expertise

  • Biomarker discovery (membrane proteome analysis, secretome analysis, etc.)
  • Large scale protein identification experiments (ligand identification)
  • Quantitative proteomics (SILAC, TMT, iTRAQ, di-Methyl)
  • Quantitative identification of interacting proteins (protein complexes analysis)
  • Post-translational modification analysis
  • Signaling networks analysis
  • DNA-, RNA- protein interactions
  • Lipids-protein interactions
  • Recombinant proteins/antibodies quality check
  • MHC presented peptides identification
  • Targeted proteomics PRMs (parallel reaction monitoring)



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