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At SingMass our goal is to offer mass spectrometry users in Singapore and the larger Southeast Asian region a comprehensive solution for mass spectrometry applications and technology development. Each of SingMass’ three member centres contributes a specific area of expertise, specialising in proteomics, structural ms and lipidomics.


Proteomics is the systemic analysis of the proteome, defined as the protein population expressed in any cell, tissue or organism at a given time or condition. The study of proteomics is especially important, since proteins are the molecular machines of the cell and are interconnected in complex and intricate pathways with other proteins and biomolecules. Therefore, systems-level analysis using proteomics is extremely powerful for elucidating protein abundance and modification information, as well as their interaction partners and networks.


Scope of proteomics services
  1. Protein identification experiments
  2. Post-translational modification analysis
  3. Drug target identification, chemical proteomics
  4. Biomarker discovery (membrane proteome analysis, secretome analysis, etc.)
  5. Quantitative proteomics (SILAC, iTRAQ, TMT,  di-Methyl, DIA/SWATH)
  6. Quantitative identification of interacting proteins (protein complex analysis, BioID etc.)
  7. Signalling networks analysis
  8. DNA-, RNA- protein interactions
  9. Lipid-protein interactions
  10. Precision medicine, tissue/body fluids profiling
  11. MHC-presented peptides identification
  12. Targeted proteomics PRM/MRM (Parallel/Multiple Reaction Monitoring)
  13. DIA/SWATH for clinical proteomics applications
  14. Large scale clinical proteomics analysis (samples >100)
  15. Other customized proteomics analysis
Key proteomics applications

Structural MS


Structural MS is the use of mass spectrometry solutions to understand protein structure, dynamics and function. Structural MS can provide a wide variety of information, such as the protein conformation and shape, modifications, solvent accessibility, binding interfaces and complex interaction stoichiometry.

Scope of Structural MS Services
  1. Amide hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDXMS)
  2. Intact protein analysis
Key structural MS applications



Lipdomics is the large-scale structural and functional analysis of the lipidome and its interactions with other biomolecules. Lipids are among the main classes of biomoelcules found in all living organisms and play important structural, metabolic and signalling functions. Aberrant lipids and dysfunctional lipid metabolism is also known to be involved in many diseases. Thus, lipidomics enables the systems-level exploration of the lipids and their complex biological pathway interactions.

Scope of Lipidomics Services
  1. Targeted lipidomics analysis panel A
  2. Targeted lipidomics analysis panel B


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