June 29th-August 14th, 2020
WEBCAST via Zoom

Deadline for application is
June 23rd, 2020

Look beyond the peaks: SingMass Mass Spec Course

SingMass, Singapore’s National Lab for Mass Spectrometry, is offering a workshop on service workflows, basic omics concepts, and example applications featuring exploration of HDX MS, DIA/SWATH, Lipidomics, Clinical proteomics, Phosphoproteomics, iTRAQ/TMT/SILAC, Native protein MS and more.

Course Overview

  1. SingMass introduction and workflow of engaging the service: 30 June (1st week)
  2. General introduction of MS analysis: 3 July (1st week)
  3. Structural proteomics (2 sessions): 7, 14 July (2nd and 3rd week)
  4. Proteomics
    1. An overview of proteomics: 17 July (3rd week)
    2. Quantitative proteomics: from design to biology : 21 July (4th week)
    3. Target lock-on: sensitive, accurate and reproducible assays with targeted proteomics : 24 July (4th week)
    4. Next generation proteomics with data-independent acquisition (DIA): 28 July (5th week)
    5. Post Translational Modifications: 4 August (6th week)
    6. BioID approach and affinity proteomics: 7 August (6th week)
  5. Lipidomics/Small molecules: 11, 14 August (7th week)