Look beyond the peaks: SingMass Mass Spec Course

June 18th, 2020|

SingMass, Singapore's National Lab for Mass Spectrometry, is offering a workshop on service workflows, basic omics concepts, and example applications featuring exploration of HDX MS, DIA/SWATH, Lipidomics, Clinical proteomics, Phosphoproteomics, iTRAQ/TMT/SILAC, Native protein MS and more.

SingMass Tutorials

iTRAQ Quantitative Proteomics: A guide to sample preparation

iTRAQ® is a powerful quantitative proteomics technique for broad and unbiased quantification of proteins expressed across multiple biological samples. iTRAQ generates relative quantitative proteome profiles and enables you to perform comparisons across multiple samples in a single experiment. Examples include comparisons between healthy and disease/s, drug treatments or time-course studies.

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